Tpr. David C. Yarrington 330

1948 - 1972

Served 05/01/1969 - 01/06/1972

At 3:41 A.M. on January 6, 1972, the following message was broadcast over the State Police radio: "To all cars, Trooper Yarrington expired at 2:45 A.M. this morning." Trooper Yarrington, 24, a fellow classmate of Trooper Ronald Carey, became the second policeman killed in the hold-ups of two Pennsylvania - Delaware state line motels.

Trooper Yarrington and Trooper Ronald Carey were shot and killed in Pennsylvania by the female accomplice of a suspect they were struggling with. The troopers were investigating an armed robbery when they noticed a suspicious vehicle at a nearby hotel over the state line. When they began to investigate the vehicle they became engaged in a struggle with the male suspect. During the struggle the female accomplice shot both troopers.

The two suspects fled and the male suspect was later shot and killed by Maryland State Troopers. The female suspect was returned to Pennsylvania where she was sentenced to death. Her sentence was later commuted by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to life in prison.

Trooper Yarrington had served with the Delaware State Police for 2 and a half years and was assigned to Troop 1, Penny Hill.

David Yarrington is survived by his wife, Janice M. and a son David Jr. Trooper Yarrington was laid to rest in burial ceremonies at Silverbrook Cemetery, Wilmington, Delaware.