TFC William F. Mayer

1927 - 1955

Served 01/31/1949 - 08/07/1955

Trooper First Class Wiliam F. Mayer was twenty-eight years old on that fateful night on August 7, 1955. He had stopped the driver of a pickup truck to warn him that his tail light was not working and lost his life. Trooper Mayer was northbound on U. S. Route 13 at Smyrna, near Duck Creek Bridge, when a tractor trailer struck the vehicle he had stopped, pinning him between the two vehicles.

Trooper Mayer enlisted in the Delaware State Police on January 31, 1949, and was stationed at Troop 3.

Trooper William Mayer was laid to rest in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Dover, Delaware. He is survived by his wife Ria Mayer, his parents, August P. and Mildred Mayer, and three sisters, Elizabeth, Myrtle, and Margaret.