Thomas H. Lamb

1901 - 1944

Sergeant Thomas Lamb, 43, a 17 year veteran of the Delaware State Police was struck with a heart attack while on duty at Troop 3 (Dover) on February 22, 1944. Thomas Lamb became a trooper, in 1927, four years after the inception of the present Delaware State Police. With his employment, he began a tradition which counts numerous members of the Lamb family (immediate and extended) as Delaware State Troopers. They include Fredrick K. Lamb (retired Major) James E. Turner, Sr. (retired Major) James E. Turner, Jr. (retired Captain) Charles L. Sipple (retired Captain) Charles G. Lamb (retired Colonel).

Sergeant Thomas Lamb was laid to rest at the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Smyrna, Delaware. He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth T., three sons, Thomas Jr., James and Charles, and two daughters, Margery and Rosemary.